The Greenwood Flood & the Patient Patrons

From overhead, a news-chopper shot

From overhead, a news-chopper shot

As if it couldn’t get weirder around here, the water main at N. 85th Street and Greenwood Ave broke about 6:00 PM last night, flooding the intersection, running down the blocks (north and west), rising above the sidewalks and lapping against the sides of the buildings. It looked like high tide!

Miraculously, it didn’t come all the way up to Taproot Theatre’s front doors about 200 feet west! But the water supply to the block was turned off — and we had a performance at 7:30. While calling the box office manager for instructions on refunds/exchanging tickets and imaging how to tell the audience lined up at the front door that the show was canceled . . . the water was turned on (at 7:10). Discolored, but the bathrooms would be usable and the fire sprinklers would work in case of another type of emergency that I wouldn’t dare type or speak aloud. (I’ve acquired a sort of Voldemort / Biblical plague kind of fear.)

Lots of water!!!

Lots of water!!!

For the record, our thanks go to the very patient patrons who stood in line, hoping that Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming would indeed proceed as planned. Since this was the first show of the extension, we were eager to get going — and very appreciative and flattered that patrons were so patient with the disruption and confusion. Not to mention the TV news trucks, police cars and the battalion of  utility trucks, backhoes and workers. Did I mention that a car ran into a tree at the intersection too? So more police and a firetruck were summoned, sirens blaring?

Kudos again to the staff that was scrambling to figure out to improvise bathrooms for the patrons at the Fred Meyer store. And for actors and crew that stood by ready for whatever happened.

They don’t cover this stuff in theatre classes…


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